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Tom Ford Gold Dust review

20180928180122 - Tom Ford Gold Dust review

The Tom Ford Gold Dust Bronzing powder is a luxury beauty product with the ultimate high end super popular Bronzing powder. The innovative and branded Tom Ford Gold Dust has been formulated with the combination of liquid and powder. The quality contains seamless and makes natural look as well. In terms of texture, it has the lightest matte shade and works amazingly in any skin tone.

The gold dust shades create the silky and non- drying texture on the skin surface with high and attractive glow onwards. The Gold Dust is warm toned bronzer with little bit shimmer that creates the shine and glow into the skin. This product blended easily into the skin with makeup and lasts long for 8 to 10 hours effortlessly. Moreover, the oil free Tom Ford Gold Dust is suitable for any type of skin without causing any skin irritation.

This product doesn’t create any patchy look at all but creates very subtle and intense look on top. It is applicable in cheeks, forehead and jaw line without causing any glittery effects at all. Many bronzer gradually makes the orange effect but Tom Ford Gold Dust doesn’t go to the route of orange effect and warmth the skin easily. You may apply it with beauty blender or with wide powder blended brush to blend it easily and effectively. The soft and short bristles pointed brushes are best to apply the gold dust bronzer powder.

Many products stay on the skin with powder flecks meanwhile the gold dust melts easily with makeup and does not leave any powder sandy look on the surface of the skin. It is suitable for all the season and makes a flawless look in summer, winter and fall too.

The glow and natural minerals have high mark in powder bronzer with original formula bronzers. There is no doubt that this bronzer powder is insanely silky and creates soft and smooth complexion on the skin surface. The general shout out thumb for this product gives the sparkle or light to the face in day time to the night time.

20180928175759 - Tom Ford Gold Dust review

The top of the bone structure catches the light of the Tom Ford Dust bronzer with a natural kind of easy finish line. It gives the illusion of high end gorgeous and attractive cheekbones with subtle and shimmery effects. However, as it doesn’t contain any glittery special effects, it can be applicable to highlight the specific area of your skin. Many of us use bronzer to create the tan texture of the skin. The Tom Ford Gold Dust is the perfect makeup product to create the tan look into the skin.

This product comes with beautiful gold packaging with white attractive cover in different sizes. But the medium to small size is the smart move as it helps to keep and carry in your bag at anywhere you go and best for the travelling time as well.

Tom Ford Gold Dust is a finely ground product with huge compact creates impressive touch on the makeup.

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